American Force 5″ Canister Shells (Pack 4/24)


1.Brocade crown with gold crown 2. Brocade crown with white strobe 3.Gold crown with white strobe 4.Green wave with green strobe 5. Red wave with red strobe 6. Red plum with white strobe 7. Red dahlia with silver ti chry 8.Sky blue red wave with gold crown 9.Gold ti willow 10.Red blue wave with white peony 11. Gold ti willow with chry 12.Red dahlia with white strobe 13. Red green wave with sky blue 14.Red to white strobe 15.Pink with white strobe 16.Red blue with white strobe 17. Gold ti willow with blue peony 18.purple wave with orange peony 19.Gold ti willow with red peony 20. Gold ti willow to red strobe 21.Red plum 22. Orange with cracker 23.Red plum with blue green peony 24. Gold ti willow with orange peony

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Weight 15 kg

15 Kg


Sunwing Fireworks




60 grams




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