Do you want your Federal Explosives License (FEL) but don’t have access to the storage required by the ATF?

Angry Unicorn Imports is excited to announce our Contingency Storage Service! We currently have (3) locations within the state of Florida with plans to add additional USA locations in the future. Sign-Up now, submit your paperwork to ATF and get your license now.

We understand that many pyro industry members would like to buy and shoot 1.3G fireworks but cannot locate and secure the required storage in order to get their ATF License. With our contingency storage service, the biggest hurdle in getting your ATF license is now a thing of the past! The 3 current regions for this program are: Tampa, Jupiter & Sanford. All positions are billed annually at a rate of $300 with the option to save by paying for more than 1 year at a time. Our Contingency Storage Service (CSS) is ONLY VALID for 1.3G fireworks purchased from Angry Unicorn Imports. Ins and Outs from our storage locations will be on an appointment basis that you can schedule online. Major holidays such as 4th of July and NYE are excluded from this appointment process and will be available 24 hours on these dates.

*Additional Terms & Conditions Apply

Signing up is easy!

Start by clicking the link below, fill in the information and select the region you would like to secure, then checkout.