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PRIZM Reward Points and Club Level Status

With PRIZM Reward Points, earning points is fun and simple. The more you buy, the more points you earn. Whether it’s Consumer Fireworks or Display Fireworks, etc., all purchases earn points. The more points earned, equals more FREE STUFF!
  • Every Dollar Spent = 1 Point
  • Elite and PRIZM Club Level Status
  • Sign-up Bonus & Birthday Bonus
  • Monthly Mystical Giveaway

Fireworks Shopping Reimagined!

Angry Unicorn Imports is an ATF Type 23 Licensed Importer and distributor of wholesale Professional Grade 1.3G Fireworks, Consumer Fireworks & Close Proximity Pyrotechnics.

The concept of Angry Unicorn Imports is to bring high quality commercial fireworks to everyone that holds a valid ATF License at a great price and without having to travel very far. We have 2 initial pick up locations, and our mission is to eventually have strategic pick up locations across the U.S.

  • High Quality 1.4G & 1.3G Fireworks
  • PRIZM Reward Points
  • Club Level Status Discounts
  • Automated Checkout Experience
  • Real-Time Inventory
  • Standard & Pro Accounts w/ order history
  • Multiple Distribution Locations – Coming Soon
  • Quarterly Newsletters, And More!

4TH OF JULY 2020!

2020/07/04 00:00:01

We accept all major Credit Cards plus… Debit Cards, PayPal, Paypal CREDIT, Checks and even Cash*

*when order is picked up only

Quality Matters at Angry Unicorn Imports

We want customers to know that when they purchase from Angry Unicorn Imports, they can expect to receive high-quality fireworks that are designed to have quality colors, effects and 99.9% of the time function properly.

More About Us

Who we are

We are owned and operated with a small staff of dedicated employees that are an extended family. We are dedicated to providing quality customer service with competitive prices and be your go to supplier for all your professional fireworks needs.

All of our staff has been in the fireworks industry for many years and know what customers expect. We look forward to providing high quality fireworks with amazing effects which our customers will love!

Learn More About AUI

Why choose us

The most desired item in any type of business transaction or purchase is the customer service you receive. That is why our mission for ALL of our customers is excellent customer service. Whether you are a customer that is purchasing 1 item or hundreds of items…we will provide the same overall customer service experience.

  • Detailed info about each firework
  • Compare before you buy
  • Video samples of fireworks
  • Earn points for FREE products

By the numbers

Available Fireworks - Over 420
Sample Product Videos - Over 300
Shopping Categories - 20 plus

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